Internal / Interior doors
Classification of interior doors

The doors are two main types: external (exterior) and internal (interior)
Exterior doors (Plate doors) are made of solid wood with a special lacquer coating, which is weatherproof. They are a part of the exterior window frames of the building.

The types of interior doors, according to technical and design parameters could be classified into:
– Depending on the number of wings – single and portal / double wing and with three wings/
– Depending on the type of wing – rabbet, non-rebated and flying, which determines the position of the wing to the frame and the type of hinges, which are: cylindrical – type “Anuba” ; piano – type “Plate”; buried – “Hidden hinge “or spring -” Flying ”
– Depending on the type of wing – smooth and milled, solid and glazed and in some cases entirely glass wings. A wide variety of shapes and types of glazing glasses (ornamental, stained, painted, etc.)
– Depending on the filling – “honeycomb” (lightweight) and extruded chipboard (dense filling for better insulation)
– Depending on the finishing coat are:

1. Laminated door is a door with an artificial coating on MDF imitating different wood species such as oak, beech, walnut, cherry and others.
2. Varnished door – the door is lacquered in white or in color from catalog (Ral system) as the paint is applied directly on the door from MDF (smooth or milled).
3. Veneeredi doors with natural veneer (smooth or milled) are available in a wide variety: from oak, ash, cherry, etc. and suitable technical veneers catalog. In this type of door in the final processing with the help of mordant (water and chemicals) is achieved a wide range of furniture colors and tonalities.
– depending on the window ledge – straight and angle-tie (astir or still called “compensatory”) and milled and smooth, flat and rounded.

Wooden joinery
Technical specifications of wooden joinery

• quality selected materials from Germany;
• tree species – spruce, pine, meranti, eucalyptus, larch, walnut, cherry, mahogany, oak, etc .;
• thickness of 68 mm; system “Evronut” and “Evrofalts” with rounded edges;
• moisture content – 10 + 2%;

• varnishes BASF and Sikkens with UV filters in rich colors;
• surface treatment:
Phase 1 – impregnation – water soluble;
Phase 2 – thick lacquer coating – a water-soluble;

• waterproof glue to EN 204 D4;
• Seals of “Deventer”.
• Seals – Q – LON 3053 / Standard one seal – optionally embeds another Q – LON 3034;
Drip profile:
• Drip profile of “Gutmann”;

Glazed windows:
• 4x16x4 standard glass with the possibility of color, low-emission K-glass, Sunergy and others.
• Fitting “Maco” allowing one plane, double plane opening and sliding;

Main indicators:
• Тhermal insulation with heat transfer coefficient K = 1.1W / m2 K (with K-glass)
• Sound insulation in standard glass Rw = 32dB
• Аirtightness and water resistance equivalent to standard DIN 68121 / JV68