The company “Karabulev” was founded in 1995 with main activity: production of doors and windows of solid wood.
The production base is located in Pleven. It located on an area of 30 square km, including floor area of approximately 6 thousand sq.m. industrial buildings, warehouses, auxiliary buildings and others. It is equipped with modern advanced technology. Employees are highly qualified, some of which are in the company since its foundation. Existing production capacities allow production to 1,200 units. doors to 900 m2 windows per month. This makes it possible to attract customers with small orders and to negotiate large objects such as hotels, office buildings and more.

The company “Karabulev” is aimed primarily at Bulgarian market, but it produces for Germany, Belgium and France.

Since 2013 the company produces yearly windows English standard for London. The volume of that production is constantly increasing, reaching about 35% of the total production of the company.

The trade activity is carried out by the office of “Karabulev” factory in Pleven and companies representatives in Sofia, Burgas, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo and Ruse. In these cities are equipped offices to meet clients with showrooms. They offer only products made by the company. To each representation are created assemblies that operate in making dimensions of space and assembly of finished products. This organization provides high quality customer service throughout the entire process – from negotiating contracts to installation on the object.

Considering its place in the market of doors and windows, and economic realities in the country and Europe, the company “Karabulev” has set the following short and medium-term goals objectives:

1. In the sphere of production
Purchase of new machinery to increase productivity and innovation and enrich the product range of offered products.
2. In the field of business
Opening offices in several cities of southern Bulgaria, and two representative offices in European countries.
In the two decades of its activities the purpose of “Karabulev” has been to produce high quality products for maximum customer satisfaction. This will be a major driving force in the future activities of the company.